29 March, 2012

Resepi : Basic omelette

Basic omelette –  serves 1 

2 eggs  
50ml water  
1  tsp butter  

Whisk the eggs and water until well mixed.  Add butter to heated pan, then eggs making the mixture spread as much and as 
evenly possible.  Put chosen ingredients on one side of the egg mixture.  When the eggs are cooked through, turn the unfilled 
half of the mixture on top of the filling.  Remove carefully from the pan and serve.  Add Lite Seasoner and pepper to taste. 

Protein: 12g  

Optional fillings: 20g crumbled feta cheese, 20g grated hard cheese, mixed vegetables e.g. capsicum, zucchini, spinach, 
tomato, fresh herbs, ham or smoked chicken.  Be sure to calculate your chosen filling protein and carbohydrate content. 

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